Change of Air

There, where warm air turns into sound waves, there where the city smog gives way to the fresh country air, there where brass clichés become brass affairs, that's where an interested audience meets quinTTTonic.

​Change also always means getting involved in new terrain, some of which is uncertain because it is unknown, but what stands at the end of the change is many times more diverse - and richer in content than the mere hot air, the steam, the fog before. Whoever embarks on this hemisphere-crossing journey with the women's brass quintet from Vienna, prepares for a violent gasp at the beginning, only to breathe out deeply and consciously in the next moment, for a full lungful of new sound sequences, an interplay in lofty heights with breathtaking melodic scenarios, an apnea-like change of course and meter and last but not least, an oxygen-rich, harmonious laugh.

Change of air par excellence.

​Excerpts from the program

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